Hi, my name is Gustavo.

Engineer, Developer & Tech Specialist

I'm an interdisciplinary and wide experienced engineer living in San Jose, Costa Rica ­čçĘ­čçĚ who works for companies that want to grow their business.


I'm an interdisciplinary engineer working at the heart of businesses: technology and customer satisfaction. Over the last decades, I had the chance to help companies maintain, tune and resolve issues on their core information systems and their business processes. Not only at software level, but also marketing and customer relationship management.

I started my career more than 20 years ago as a Programmer after studying in a vocational high school. Later I graduated as a System Engineer and started working for several national and multinational companies.

My beginnings

Desktop, Batch & Reporting apps

I had the chance to explore several technologies in programming like Cobol, CA-IDMS, VB with Crystal reports for several years until becoming a senior developer with vast experience in small, medium and big size projects.

Tech Specialist

BW, Big Data & CRM

For several years I worked as a tech specialist, focused on database management and business intelligence systems such as SAP BW implemented in wide infrastructure distributions. Later I worked supporting Big Data software for high level international customers where security and data integrity were as important as the data itself. At least but not less I worked supporting CRM software like MS Dynamics CRM 365.


Front-end Development on ReactJS, HTML5 & CSS3

Nowadays I am coming back to my developer facet, especially on front-end development and again, using all my tech, business and marketing experience to make my customers grow even higher.

Platzi Video

Video streaming platform

Platzi Video is a project conceived to be a video streaming platform. All its development was planned to use a MERN stack. I configured Webpack to package all this project and its deployment if planned to be on Travis. I will use Mongo DB as NO SQL database. The backend will be built with Node.js with Express.js and Passport.js.

Technologies used so far in this project:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • SASS
  • ReactJS
  • Redux
  • Webpack
  • Travis (Deployment)

*This is a still in progress project

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Platzi video screenshot
Platzi video screenshot
Platzi video screenshot


Single page application feed with the Rick & Morty API

100tifi.co is a SPA project developed to practice JS Vanilla concepts like using templates/modules, fetching from an API and deploying on the web using Travis, as well as configuring the whole project with Webpack, Git, Github

Technologies used in this project:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript vanilla
  • Fetching from public API
  • Webpack
  • Travis (Deployment)

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Single page application feed with the Rick & Morty API
Rick & Morty Character page view

Animationland 1.0

Simple shooter game built and animated using CSS

Animationland is a simple SPA built using only HTML5 and CSS3 code. In this project I explored the CSS animation properties in depth, as well as other styles that enhance the interface and prevent me to use any JS code. Simply JS was not necessary to add interactivity.

Technologies used in this project:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Animation and Transform CSS properties
  • Github pages (Deployment)

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Animationland main page
Designing the objects

Platzi Comic Vol 1.

Grid layout responsive - Comic style

Platzi Comic is a personal project made to thank and honor all the Professors of Platzi that have given me a lot of knowledge and tools to be a professional developer.

Technologies used in this project:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Grid Layout
  • Github pages (Deployment)

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Grid layout responsive Comic style

Random users Portfolio

Portfolio web site feed with random user API

In this project I started exploring the options available to configure webpack for professional projects and end with all the deployment process in Netlify

Technologies used in this project:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Fetching from public API
  • Webpack
  • Netlify (Deployment)

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Portfolio web site feed with random user API
Portfolio web site feed with random user API

Al Escenario Memory Game

Simon says's style game

This is a tiny game made to entertain customer of the Al Escenario Restaurant. It is a simple memory game where users have to go as far as they can on each level.

Technologies used in this project:

  • Javascript Vanilla
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • JQuery
  • Github pages (Deployment)

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Game made for Al Escenario restaurant


Sales, Business processes & Publicity

Recently, I have been working more on the sales and marketing spectrum, mostly as a consultant improving business processes as well as the customer and user experiences. I am using my technical and business experience to make the social media and the digital presence of companies grow.

Drone racing event
Drone racing event promotional poster
Drone racing event
Drone racing event
Guitacam DUO campaign
Guitacam DUO campaign
Guitacam Christmas campaign
Guitacam Christmas campaign
Guitacam concert program
Guitacam concert program
Al Escenario digital menu
Restaurant menu
Al Escenario widescreen digital menu
Al Escenario widescreen digital menu

Hobby Projects

Drones, 3D printing & Internet of Things

I have also been exploring hardware technologies like aerial drones in the different flavors they usually come, the way they are configured and how we can interact with them through code. I also do projects looking to explore sensors' programming with Arduino and I am trying to get more versed on IoT. By the way, 3D printing is my great ally here.

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Promoting Covid-19 protection
Making an Arduino Spiderbot

Companies I have worked for

Empresa de Profesionales Modernos
Hewlett Packard
Tek Experts
Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad
Procter & Gamble
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Al Escenario
Super Drone CR
Tico Print 3D

Teams I have worked with

Me with the Eprom team
HP Team BW Business Warehouse for P&G account
Me with the HP BW team
Team IDOL first wave for HP account
Me with the Tek Experts' IDOL team
Team IDOL second wave for HP account
Me with the Tek Experts' IDOL team

Gustavo is an amazing coworker, has excellent communication and technical skills. He is focused on delivering the best and is dedicated to his work. I definitely recommend Gustavo as he will bring quality work to any organization he joins.

David Murillo
Senior Automation Engineer

Gustavo is by far the most charismatic person I have run across at a professional and personal level, his extreme commitment makes him the most reliable and outstanding member of any organization, also his capacity to communicate effectively will add incredible value to the day to day operation by smoothing any transition or project process with his wise decision making. I can confidently say he is the go to person every time.

Herol Loria Rojas
Global IT Specialist

Gustavo, is an excellent peer he demonstrate that he has the knowledge, and he can take ownership of any task that he can assigned he is always aware about any pending task and he always wants to make the best for himself and his team. Good Job!

Rodolfo Sanchez Arguedas
Cluod Engineer

Gustavo es un Team Player, siempre estuvo pendiente de lo que pudiera hacer o ayudar por el equipo y sus miembros, su capacidad deductiva es impresionante, me gustar├şa mucho poder volver a trabajar con ├ęl.

Philp de Jongh Troyo
IT Team Lead

Excelente compañero, con una dedicación absoluta y un esmero por hacer bien las cosas. Definitivamente Gustavo es una persona de confianza que realizará cualquier tarea de la mejor manera

Tomas Navarro Conejo
Team Leader

Es un gusto recomendar a Gustavo como una trabajador serio, responsable y altisimamente comprometido con los valores de puntualidad, eficacia y trabajo en equipo. Es una persona afable y respetuosa con la que he tenido el honor de trabajar y que disfruta de enfrentarse a retos profesionales y del constante aprendizaje de nuevas tecnologias.

Eddy Palma
SAP Business Analyst

Doy fe del desempeño de Gustavo González, es una persona afable, de buenas costumbres, honrado y con mucha creatividad e iniciativa. Demostró facultades para trabajar eficazmente, solo y en tareas en equipos de trabajo. Excelente trabajador.

Oscar Duran
IT Manager & University Professor

Profesional dedicado a su trabajo que le pone amor y pasi├│n a todos sus proyectos, lo recomiendo completamente

Rodolfo Ortiz Cuadra
Senior Solutions Architect

Gustado es excelente persona, ordenado y muy cuidadoso en los detalles. con cualquier cosa q necesite hacer.

Luis Alberto Mayorga
IT Consultant

Gustavo es muy dedicado. Nunca se rinde ante una situaci├│n dif├şcil

Fernando Salas
Senior Technical Support Engineer

Gustavo es un ser humano excelente calidad y en lo profesional super comprometido. Tecnol├│gicamente siempre le gusta aprender tecnolog├şas nuevas. Conmigo estuvo laborando en desarrollo del software del cual fue alto su desempe├▒o.

Leonel Hernandez Chaverri
Senior Management Consultant

Una persona muy responsable, inteligente y proactiva.

Catherine Campos Mathew
Communication and Marketing Specialist

Gustavo es una persona con quien tuve el gusto de trabajar, es una persona pro activa, responsable siempre dispuesto a colaborar y a desempe├▒arse eficientemente en su equipo de trabajo.

Silvia Zeledon
Quality Manager

Excelente persona como profesional, siempre con una actitud de ayudar y solucionar, con ideas innovadoras y fácil de implementar. Más que recomendado.

Walter Unfried

Recomiendo a Gustavo Gonzalez como una persona emprendedora, anal├ştica, perseverante, esforzada, vers├ítil e innovadora para cualquier puesto de trabajo de acuerdo a su perfil. Su emprendurismo lo hace un individuo que desea hacer cosas diferentes y de vivir experiencias que le permiten tener una visi├│n distinta de los dem├ís.

Fabio Redondo
IT Services Specialist

I know Gustavo Gonzales as a excelent person, responsable and hardworking. He always showed a strong ethic, passion on everything he is doing. I know him as a college, classmate and personal friend where he is always looking for improvements.

Jean Rojas
Software Engineer

Gustavo González is an excellent coworker, his creativity and initiative is remarkable. As a leader he is responsible, humble, positive, perseverant, gentle, respectful and with a great empathy. His capacity to analyze and solve situations is relevant . Besides, he is a very communicative person. Undoubtedly, I recommend Gustavo, he will add an amazing quality to work in any company he will be employed.

Ligia Chacon Hernandez
English Teacher

I am ready to hear from you

Feel free to contact me at any of my networks